“There will be time, there will be time”

The truth of there being no time is so opposing to the lives that we lead that we cannot understand how all of the time that was ours slips away. We behave almost like time is also a possession, like it is yours and mine, forgetting that time is beyond belonging, that by virtue of its very nature it is no one’s, not even its own.
Nobody owns it, and yet it is within our capacities to give it to people. How are you? Why are you upset today? I’m sorry I couldn’t talk then, what were you saying? I love you. I missed you today. When can we meet? You haven’t spoken to me in a long time. We are made to believe that it is love that we need, the irrevocable love of a someone who will forever swear loyalty to us, But that’s just bullshit. All we really need is time.
The thing is, love is giving time. Love is the act of sitting down and listening, not the act of mere proclamation. Love is knowing that words sometimes cover time and sometimes silences do, but both need the spending of time, that sometimes people just need others to be unselfish, for just one moment in time to believe again in themselves. Love is time.
The people who truly uplift us, who make up the ideas of happiness that we have, are the ones who give us the most time. Because even though it is beyond all belonging, in reality, time is all we have.

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  1. Madhu

    So wonderfully put , not everyone can understand this so deeply like u did

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